[CLOSED] Pre-Order JungilwooID T-Shirt

Calling all ilwoo fans~!!! Especially in Indonesia

Hi 😀

We are opening a pre-order for JungilwooID T-Shirt!!

Basically, it will be t-shirts representing our love for Jung Il Woo so that he knows that there is a fanbanse supporting outside of Korea.

You can wear the t-shirt when we (JungilwooID) hold a gathering or maybe when Jung Il Woo holds fanmeeting in here (who knows~ hahaha). Also we will give this t-shirt to Jung Il Woo later ~_^

Here’s the T-Shirt design


Material: Cotton combad 20s (C59)



XS – XL : Rp. 75.000

3L – 4L : Rp. 80.000

Long sleeve : Rp. 80.000 (only up to XL size)

Price excluding courier charge (from Jakarta, with courier JNE/TIKI).


Step 1

Fill in this order form http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/Scey81aFDHdjfbuIo4tTawnB

Step 2

We will reply our bank details to your email within 2×24 hours (2 days).

Step 3

After you have make your payment, please fill in this payment confirmation form http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/AbLM6wW4ShsUaErf588c41nF


Pre-Order : 14-04-2013 until  14-05-2013
Payment Deadline: 17-05-2013 at 23.59 WIB
Shipping schedule: Beginning – Mid June

Order confirmation list will be updated in this spreadsheet. Please check if you have ordered.
If there are changes, please inform via Twitter or Email immediately. We will reply to you ASAP.

The profit is going to be the donation for JUNG IL WOO’s support that we always do. We are not taking any personal profit.

Any question please mention us on twitter (@JungilwooID) / whatsapp me personally at (+62)83892194606.

For more info please follow @JungilwooID . All updates will be regularly updated in Twitter.

Thank You.

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2 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Pre-Order JungilwooID T-Shirt

  1. i want my t-shirt too…can i get one? i´m from Peru…

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