[Scans+Trans] Jung Il Woo Featured in K-Trendy Magazine Vol. 03 2013

Prior to “The First Snow Promise” Taiwan FM, Jung Il Woo visited Taiwan in late October 2012. His leading dramas “49 Days”, “The Moon that embraces the Sun” and “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” continuously received high popularity in Japan. Let’s have a chat with him in regards to his dramas, fashion style, winter measures and future plans.

In order to promote the first Taiwan FM “The First Snow Promise”, Jung Il Woo came to Taiwan last year in October and immediately launched a series of promotional events. Of course, he also had an exclusive interview with Trendy. It has been a year since we met in our last interview. Yet, his stunning smile shines as it always is. It was just like meeting an old friend that we greet each other dearly! When shooting the portraits, he portrayed professionally to meet the photographer’s requirements with all kinds of gorgeous poses. Looked at his cute acts playing with the little props made us all burst in laughter. Then we pleasantly began Trendy’s exclusive interview.
< R – Report; J – Jung Il Woo >

R: Compared to your prior impression on last visit, do you have a different impression this time?

J: Last time when I came to Taiwan, I had been to many beautiful places. However, I did not have any chances to meet with fans as I was working with the filming crew. This time I met lots of fans right on arrival. I was grateful to experience fans’ cordial reception and felt very happy to see them!

R: How do you feel during these few days in Taiwan for promotion?

J: Actually, I seldom perform in variety shows or talk shows in Korea. However, I participated in many shows this time in Taiwan. It was an amazing new experience to me. (Chuckle) Especially during filming, I found it very interesting to interact directly with fans live on stage.

R: Have you tried any Taiwanese cuisine?

J: Yes, I did. (Smile) Thanks to my Taiwan fans that they prepared so many tasty Taiwan food for me. I even tried the very famous “Taiwan Bubble Tea” immediate on my arrival at the airport! Talking about my most favourites…..well I like all of them! The most impressive one is the Mango Ice Monster. That is super-delicious! However, my work is paramount for this trip. If I have time, I’d like to try more Taiwanese dishes! Thus, I wish to finish work early so I can go enjoy more good food! (Haha…)

R: Trendy also prepared some special Taiwanese dim sum (snacks) for Jung Il Woo. It included deserts made with herbal jelly, “aiyu” jelly, Taiwanese fried chicken nuggets, “beef tongue” biscuits, Taiwan jerky, Taro cakes, Pineapple cookies, etc. Jung tried the lemon “Aiyu” ice drink among them and greatly appraised, “It is really yummy!” Besides, he also tried the unforgettable tasty pineapple cookies that he had last time!

R: TV dramas “49 Days”, “The Moon that embraces the Sun” and “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” all received very good viewership when it broadcast in Taiwan. All these roles have very different characters in these dramas!

J: Um…The role in “49 Days” had a duel personality. I am not talking about the difference in between being Song Yi Soo or being the Scheduler. In my perception, the role itself already endowed with duel personality. As to Yang Myung (in TMETS), he is a role that everyone would pity and cried for his misery! On the other hand, Cha Chisoo (in FBRS) is ladies’ favourite type. Although he seems bold and reckless, he is fascinated charming. It was also a very difficult role! Speaking of “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”, it was completed only 5 days prior to the beginning of new project in “The Moon that embraces the Sun”. That was really a big challenge physically as well as mentally to switch into another role. Moreover, filming also endure many hardships. (Chuckle)

R: All the roles in these dramas are quite different but they are all very faithful lovers. What are the resemblance and differences between you and these characters? Which role has the closest resemblance to your love attitude?

J: It is very difficult to compare between these roles and myself. (Scratching his head in smiles) In fact, they have some resemblance to me. Yet not completely the same. In performing these roles, they were portrayed under my perception and interpretation. Actually, I myself am more kindhearted than the roles I presented in the drama. Vise versa, when it comes to the negative side, I’d be even worse than the role. This is really a difficult question to answer! Speaking of love, I am also a very faithful person. I’d devote my best to my lover!

R: Other than TV dramas, you also received many offers from fashion magazines.
How do you define your fashion style?

J: The appearance? (Haha…) Just kidding. It is usually quite complicated to define what is fashion vogue. It may be under a high standard. Despite, in my viewpoint, putting on all the most trendy clothes and accessories is not the way to pursue fashionable style. Instead, I have to look for my own style that suited me, make me feel comfortable with and look nice. That is my way to pursue the perfection of fashionable stylish.

R: “Winter Journey” is our theme for this issue. If you have a chance to go for winter travel, where will you go? And what will you do?

J: This winter, I hope I can spend Christmas in New York. I went to New York for work earlier. I found there are so many good food and interesting places. If I go to New York, I will go for Christmas Party, explore various places. Of course, I will certainly go for shopping!

R: I thought you would prefer some warm places to get away from the cold winter in Korea!

J: (Showing his killer smile) I like the chill. Compared to summer, I like winter more than the summer. Besides, I think winter is more romantic!

R: If overseas fans travel to Korea in winter, where will you recommend them to go? And what kind of Korean cuisine will you suggest them to try?

J: If they travel to Seoul, I’d recommend them to go to Han River for a walk. The landscape is very beautiful by the river but may be a bit cold. Then, they should visit Sangchang Dong to experience the integration of traditional Korean culture and modern life. I believe it will definitely be a unique venture. In respect to good gourmets, they should try some traditional Korean cuisine, especially the royal style hot pot which is the best to taste in winter. If you have a chance, you should absolutely give it a try!

R: On our last interview, we met you with your cute little puppy. Is it still stays with you?

J: Of course ~ (Chuckle) We usually go out for walks. Since we spend lots of time together, we become even closer. Sometimes she is naughty and causes little troubles!

R: What are your next plans?

J: I will continue shooting some advertisements on my return to Korea. Besides, I will start preparing for my FM. Going forward, I have to choose and decide on my next project for the coming year, and preliminary will be TV dramas. As to movie projects, it is also under evaluation. In fact, I also received many offers from the Pacific China area. If there are any good projects, I’d certainly wish to take part in it.

Million thanks to Ilwoostory Japan for Original Scanned copy.

Source: K-Trendy JP version Vol.3
Date: March 14, 2013
Translated by: Snowy

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