[Notice] Smilwoo Japan Official FanClub: Grand Opening of Jung Il Woo Official Fanclub Shop

Jung Il Woo Official Fanclub “Smilwoo” Shop is finally open today!!

The following 2 items are now available for FC members on its Commodity Line:

(1) Members Only Limited Edition
“New Fanclub Kick-Off Special Party DVD”





(2) Smilwoo Original Clear file set with imprinted Ilwoo photo,
Set of 2 folders





Application period: Feb 6, 2012 to Feb 20, 2012 (Wed)

Limited Edition “New Fanclub Kick-Off Special Party” DVD








☆ Brief preview

The highly anticipated “New Fanclub Kick-Off Special Party” DVD is finally
launched out today through Japan Official FC “Smilwoo” under fans’ earnest expectation!

The first official event, “New Fanclub Kick-Off Special Party” of Smilwoo was successfully held at the Blue Theater in Ropponki, Tokyo on Sept 9, 2012.

To celebrate the grand opening of Japan Official Fansclub “Smilwoo”, complete coverage of the event including Ilwoo’s onstage performance, singing, as well as
the surprise Birthday Party will now be publicly released in detail!

It is a must see DVD!!
Don’t you miss this precious chance to purchase this special memory!

Product Detail:

★ Video with full coverage on Jung Il Woo’s 25th Birthday Party and New Fanclub
Opening celebration Fan Meeting event.

★ Initial release of New Fanclub Name announcement ceremony and fans quiz game.

★ Ilwoo’s official performance with his dedicated singings to fans.

★ In addition, it also includes Ilwoo’s irresistible charming no make-up appearance.

A fan’s must collect video.

Product Description

Record date: September 9, 2012
Video length: 76min. Main coverage  +  4min. Special Bonus track
Format: DVD
Serial no.: HCE-0001
Price: $3150 yen (Tax included)

Please note that there may be minor differences from actual performance due to conversion.

Product Delivery

The product is planned to be delivered around end of March or after. Actual delivery date will be announced on official web-site and by email once it is confirmed.

Product Purchase

Please pay attention to the following details and proceed after consent.

On complete of application, the system will issue a confirmation letter automatically after 30 min.

Please keep track of your email and make sure your email account is set to receive email properly to avoid any omission. If you need to change your email address,
please update it under “My Account” page.

If you don’t receive any confirmation after 24 hours, please contact FC administration by phone for assistance. (0570-064-257 Service Hour 14:00 – 18:00)

Delivery Postage

Countrywide flat rate of $800 yen per order
Outbound islands is subject to additional $200 yen

Although members can add on more orders subsequently, each order will be considered as a new one and subject to respective additional delivery charges. Hence, please order required quantities on one order as much as possible.

If the merchandise is broken or different from what you have ordered on receipt, please contact our related administration within 10 days of receipt for assistance.

Please note that merchandise damages due to transportation will not be refunded or exchange.

Furthermore, DVD purchasers can also take part in a lucky draw.
2 lucky winners will win the following prize.

Prize: Real-Man proportional size Jung Il Woo Standee which seen on
Sept 9, 2012 Birthday Party with Ilwoo’s signature on it!!

Smilwoo Original Clear File Set








Product Description:
Clear file folders manufactured from Ilwoo’s original photo shot. A set of 2,
consists of one black-and-white portrait and one color portrait.

Size: A4-size folder
Price: $1200 yen (Tax included)

Only limited quantities are available for the above products. So act fast!

Product sample pictures are only for reference.
Actual merchandise may subject to change.

There is no quantity limit for each member. Thus, please clearly state the required quantities on your application.

Please note that the above information is for reference only.

Translated by: Snowy @JungilwooChinaFansworld

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