[Scans+Trans] Jung Il Woo Featured in Top Idol (Taiwanese Magazine) January 2013 Issue

Warm-hearted smiling Jung Il Woo
First visit to Taiwan attracts enormous popularity

Jung, taking the image as a “First Snow Lover” for the FM. Passionate eyes throbbed countless hearts

The sizzling hot flower boy actor sweep across Asia

Famous Korean Actor Jung Il Woo, famed with dramas “49 Days”, “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and “The Moon that embraces the Sun”, visited Taiwan at the end of October for a 3-day promotion of his upcoming FM to be held on December 8th. Although that was not a public visit, it still attracted lots of fans to wait for him at the airport and hotel. Jung Il Woo started his busy schedule with various media interviews immediately on the first day of his Taiwan trip. On our interview at the hotel, we could tell from his gorgeous sunshine smile and superb friendliness that he was very happy. We all enjoyed a cozy time at the meeting.

Q: What were you busy with after finished filming “The Moon that embraces the Sun”?

A: I shoot some ads and went for overseas events. I’ve been to Japan, China, Malaysia, etc. for overseas promotions and fan meetings. Fans from different countries have their own uniqueness. Like Chinese fans, they are very enthusiastic. Japanese fans are more like guardian, who looks after from a distant, whereas fans from Europe and the States are more generous. They tend to have more body expression.

Q: Apakah yang anda sibukkan setelah menyelesaikan syuting “The Moon that embraces the Sun”?

A: Saya syuting beberapa iklan dan pergi untuk event luar negeri. Saya sudah ke Jepang, Cina, Malaysia, dll. untuk promosi luar negeri dan jumpa fans. Fans dari berbagai negara memiliki keunikannya masing-masing. Contohnya fans Cina, mereka sangat antusias. Fans Jepang lebih seperti pelindung, yang melihat dari jarak jauh, sedangkan fans dari Eropa dan Amerika lebih ramah. Mereka cenderung memiliki ekspresi tubuh.

Q: What is your standard in choosing a project? Is there any role you’d like to challenge?

A: I’d consider about the producer, the director and the whole crew when I decide on a project. Yet, Most importantly I will consider whether the role is suitable for me? I will always ask myself this question every time when I select my project. Perhaps the role that Andy Lau cast in “The Internal Affair” as an uncover cop is what I really want to challenge next!

Q: Apakah standar anda dalam memilih suatu karya? Apakah ada peran yang ingin anda perankan?

A: Saya mempertimbangkan produser, sutradara dan seluruh kru ketika memutuskan suatu karya. Tapi yang paling penting, saya akan mempertimbangkan apakah peran tersebut cocok dengan saya? Saya akan menanyakan diri saya pertanyaan ini setiap saya memilih karya saya. Mungkin peran Andy Lau di ”The Internal Affair” sebagai polisi rahasia adalah peran yang ingin saya mainkan selanjutnya!

Q: Which one is your most favourite character among those you have portrayed? How do you withdraw from your role after filming is completed?

A: Actually I like all of my roles, like Lee Yun Ho in “The Unstoppable High-Kick”, Song Yi Soo in “49 Days” and Cha Chi Soo in “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”. I took part in these dramas because I do like these roles. I don’t purposely remind myself to withdraw from my roles. On the other hand, I’d even miss my roles after a few months. There was one time that I went to Thailand with my high school friend for leisure after finished filming of “49 Days”. Fans recognized us on our way. I was totally stunned that one thousand fans waited for us at the airport on our departure. That was very unforgettable.

Q: Yang manakah karakter favorit anda diantara peran yang sudah anda mainkan? Bagaimana anda melepaskan (image) diri dari peran anda setelah syuting berakhir?

A: Sebenarnya, saya menyukai semua peran-peran saya, seperti Lee Yun Ho di “The Unstoppable High-Kick”, Song Yi Soo di “49 Days” dan Cha Chi Soo di “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”. Saya mengambil bagian dalam drama-drama tersebut karena saya menyukai peran-peran tersebut. Saya tidak dengan sengaja mengingatkan diri saya untuk melepaskan(image) diri dari peran-peran saya. Sebaliknya, saya justru merindukan peran-peran saya setelah beberapa bulan. Ada suatu ketika saat saya pergi ke Thailand dengan teman SMA saya untuk liburan setelah menyelesaikan syuting ”49 Days”. Fans mengenali kami saat disana. Saya benar-benar terpana melihat ribuan fans menunggu kami di bandara saat kedatangan kami. Itu sungguh tidak terlupakan.

Q: All your recent works in “49 Days”, “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and “The Moon that embraces the Sun” received continuous good viewership ratings. You also gained lots of popularity. Are you under any pressure? How do you release your stress?

A: I am not being an actor for a very long time but 6 years passed. I also shoot other movies and dramas prior to these works. Many are less well known. Although my latter works received more attention, I am not keen on pursue of success. Well…sleeping is my usual way to release stress. However, even I am in bed, I have a hard time to fall asleep. I keep toss back and forth thinking of my problems. Sometimes I can find a solution to my issue that way!

Q: Semua karya-karya anda yang terbaru dalam “49 Days”, “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” dan “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” secara terus-menerus mendapat rating penonton yang cukup tinggi. Anda juga mendapat banyak popularitas. Apakah anda mendapat tekanan? Bagaimana anda melepaskan stres anda?

A: Saya belum menjadi seorang aktor cukup lama tapi 6 tahun sudah berlalu. Saya juga sudah syuting film dan drama sebelum karya-karya tersebut. Banyak yang kurang dikenal. Meskipun begitu, karya-karya saya selanjutnya mendapat banyak perhatian. Saya tidak terlalu mengejar kesuksesan. Hhmm… biasanya tidur adalah cara saya melepaskan stres. Bagaimanapun, bahkan saat di tempat tidur, saya susah untuk tidur. Saya akan tetap kembali memikirkan masalah-msalah saya. Terkadang saya menemukan solusi untuk masalah saya dengan cara itu!

Q: Jung Il Woo’s skin is so good. How do you maintain it? Is there any secret technique?

A: Cleaning is of vital importance to me. So I always wash 2 or more than 3 times when I wash my face. Besides, I also drink a lot of water.

Q: Kulit Jung Il Woo sangat bagus. Bagaimana anda merawatnya? Apakah ada teknik rahasia?

A: Membersihkan wajah adalah yang palng terpenting untuk saya. Jadi saya selalu mencuci 2 atau lebih dari 3 kali saat mencuci wajah saya. Selain itu, saya juga banyak minum air.

Q: Though you have been to Taiwan in the past, how do you feel this time? Any particular place or food you’d like to go for?

A: I like Taiwanese dishes very much. Usually, I am not picky about food when I go to other countries. I am willing to try something different. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to experience it. This time in Taiwan, my fans have prepared so much food for me. I am very surprised and don’t know how to respond. I did not expect that I would receive all your great love! I only wish I could repay you with more great works. I had been to Hualien for shooting drama. That is a remarkable place where I’d like to visit again if I have a chance!

Q: Meskipun sebelumnya anda pernah ke Taiwan, bagaimana perasaan anda kali ini? Apakah ada tempat tertentu atau makanan yang ingin anda coba?

A: Saya sangat menyukai makanan-makanan Taiwan. Biasanya, saya tidak pilih-pilih makanan ketika saya pergi ke negara lain. Kali ini di Taiwan, fans saya menyiapkan banyak makanan untuk saya. Saya sangat terkejut dan tidak tau bagaimana untuk membalasnya. Saya tidak menyangka bahwa saya akan menerima banyak cinta dari kalian! Saya hanya bisa membalasnya dengan karya-karya yang lebih hebat lagi. Saya sudah pernah ke Hualien untuk syuting drama. Itu adalah tempat yang luar biasa yang ingin saya kujungi lagi jika saya memiliki kesempatan!

Q: Do you want to say anything to your Taiwanese fans?

A: I really miss you all. Finally my first Taiwan Fan Meeting will be held on December 8 (Sat). I am longing for it. I hope you are also looking forward to this event.

Q: Apakah anda ingin mengatakan sesuatu untuk fans Taiwan?

A: Saya benar-benar merindukan kalian semua. Akhirnya Jumpa Fans pertama saya di Taiwan akan diadakan tanggal 8 Desember (Sabtu). Saya sangat menantikannya. Saya harapa kalian juga menantikan event ini.

Q: Do you have any plans for dramas, movies or even other projects next year?

A: It has been 6 months after I shoot “The Moon that embraces the Sun”. I hope I will have more opportunities to make better works next year. I am looking forward to present you with great improvements.

Q: Apakah anda memiliki rencana untuk drama, film atau bahkan karya lainnya tahun depan?

A: Sudah 6 bulan berlalu setelah saya syuting “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”. Saya harap saya akan memiliki lebih banyak kesempatan untuk membuat karya-karya yang lebih baik tahun depan. Saya sangat ingin untuk menghadiahkan kalian dengan kemajuan-kemajuan yang lebih hebat.

FM tickets were sold out in seconds, resulted additional shows for “The First Snow Promise” with this affectionate Prince

Jung Il Woo expressed, “I heard that it won’t snow in Taiwan. So I want to let you experience that touched feeling on the first snow.” He sincerely set the FM theme himself. Ever since “Jung Il Woo, the First Snow Promise” was announced, it draws immediate attention and ardent responses. Tickets were sold out shortly after it’s on sale. In order to fulfill fans’ wishes, the organizer rushed to add one more show after discussion. Although it is in Taiwan, a city with no snow, fans can also make their dreams come true!

Magazine: Top Idol Vol 12
Date: Jan 2013

English translated by: Snowy

Indonesian translated by: JungilwooID


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