[FanCam+Trans] 121208 – Jung Il Woo sends a video message to fans in Taiwan Fan Meeting

Translation of the massege:

Everyone, I’m Jung Ilwoo.
How are you today?
Are you enjoying today?
I’ve prepared to meet everyone in fan meeting.
Previously, it seems I’m excited every day.
How I can more get close the distance(of us).
How I can make you more fun and happy.
I sincerely get into the bottom of your heart this day.
I hope it will be another precious memory of us. ^^

It’s been 6 years already.
Nothing gonna change for 6 years.
Your sincere love, encouragement and reprimand make me grown up as an actor.
It becomes a stepping stone for me to grow as a perfect person.
I’m grateful once again for this.
I will show you good work and good acting as the best way to reciprocate your generous love.
Please believe and have an eye for me.
Be happy together!
When I feel depressed or faced with tough, I will think of you to give me power.
I want to be such for you too~
All depression and difficult time share out to me and bring all happiness to you instead.
I hope we will think of each other to be a power for us. ^^v

Although at this moment, just keep in mind that it’s our 1st snow promise.
Please laugh a lot and more happy till we will meet again~
I sincerely thank all fans tonight.
I love you. ^_^

Meanwhile everyone, have we just do it as well as our farewell?
So I’ve prepared a special time for you.
To see you in closer, I’ll greet everyone one by one!!!
Although I will greet you directly at the end (of event).
Please wait for awhile to see you there. ^_<

Please don’t re-edit

Video credit: DCilwoo

English Translation: BesideWoo

Please take out with credit. Thanks! 😀

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