[Scans+Trans] Jung Il Woo Featured in TRENDY Magazine No.41 November 2012 Issue




Tracking Jung Il Woo on his Taiwan Trip

Source: Trendy Magazine Vol. 41
Date: November 16, 2012

At the end of October, Jung Il Woo made a special trip to Taiwan promoting his first Taiwan Fan Meeting “The First Snow Promise” upcoming on December 8. Hereby, let Trendy brings you a full coverage on his visit!

Of course, Trendy got the honour to make an exclusive interview with Jung Il Woo
even he was under an extreme busy schedule for the first Taiwan FM “The First Snow Promise” promotion. Even though we have not seen Jung Il Woo for almost a year, he
is as friendly as he always is with his warm smiles. We greet each other just like old friends. During photo shooting, Jung showed his excellent expertise to cope with the photographer’s request in making all kinds of trendy portraits. His cute acts made us laugh while looking at him adjusting the props on his own. Trendy’s exclusive interview with Jung Il Woo was completed pleasantly.

Q: Compared to prior impression on your previous trip, do you feel any thing
different this time?

J: I have been to many scenic places last time I came to Taiwan. However, I did not have any chances to meet with fans as I was working with the production crew. This time, I met many fans right on arrival and truly appreciated to feel such great ardor. I really wish that December would come earlier so I can meet everyone and spend a wonderful time on the Fan meeting.

Q: How do you feel about this Taiwan promotion during these few days?

J: Actually, I seldom join any variety or talk shows in Korea. It is amazing and is a fresh experience to me to participate in various shows on Taiwan production. (Chuckle) It is really interesting, especially the experience with direct interaction with fans during program recording.

Q: Did you try any Taiwanese cuisine? What is your favourite?

J: (Chuckle) Yes~ thanks so much to my fans. They have prepared so many delicious Taiwanese snacks for me. I enjoyed the most famous Taiwanese Bubble Tea immediately upon arrival. Talking about favourites, actually I like each and every one. However, the most impressive one is the mango ice. That is super yummy! Unfortunately, I am
so busy on work these few days. I wish I had more time to try more Taiwanese food.
So, hopefully I can finish all work and assignments earlier! Haha~

Q: Upcoming in December, you will come again for FM, which will have close
encounter with fans. Would you please give us some idea what may be on it in advance? Have you started working on it?

J: Since I am an actor, I usually present my work through acting. However, I’d like to express it in a different way on this FM. Thus, I start practicing hard on singing Chinese song. I hope I can play with my fans, hence planned with some interactive games. This is my first Taiwan Fan Meeting. Although it does not snow in Taiwan, I expect to meet all of you just like expecting the first snow. That is why I named the FM “The First Snow Promise”. I hope all of you will come on December 8.

Q: TV dramas “49 Days”, “The Moon that embraces the Sun” and “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” all received very good responses when broadcast in Taiwan. The respective roles are very different characters. How do you define these three roles?

J: Um…The role in “49 Days” is of dual personality. I am not talking about the difference of “Yi Soo” and “Scheduler”. Looking closely, you’ll find that this role already endowed with two different personalities.

Yang Myung Gun in “The Sun that embraces the Moon” is a role that everyone will cried for him. He is a heartbreaking role! In respect to Cha Chi Soo (The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop), girls for sure will admire him! Although he is a bit impetuous, he is manly and charming. He is also a tough role for me because I only have 5 days in between the completion of “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and “The Moon that embraces the Sun”. It was a big challenge physically as well as shifting in between roles. In fact, the shooting was very exhausting.~ (Chuckle)

Q: Although these roles are different, they are all faithful in love. What are the resemblance or differences between you and your roles? Which role closely resemblance you in respect to love values?

J: It is difficult for me to compare myself to my roles. (scratching head with a smile) Actually they all have some parts resemblance to me, yet not completely alike. Honestly, when I stand in my roles, it will have my expressions and my thoughts. May be I should put it that way. If my role is kind, I am kinder than my role. Vise versa, if my role has dark sides, I’d have more negative sides. Haha~it is hard to answer. Talking about love, I believe I am a faithful person. I will try my best to be good to the one I love!

Q: You often film for many fashion magazines on top of working on dramas.
How do you define your fashion style?

J: My face (look) ? Hahaha…(Just kidding) Fashion usually come with complicated definition or typical standard. In my viewpoint, true stylish is not to follow trends or just put on vogue clothing. It is to find your own style that you like and feel comfortable with.

Q: Winter travel is Trendy’s theme this time. You have been to many places around the world for work. If you were given a chance for Winter Getaway, where will you want to go?

J: I want to go to New York this winter. I went to New York for work before. I found many gourmet good food and interesting places there. I hope I will have a chance to travel to New York. If I go there during Christmas, I can join some Christmas parties. Then, I can browse around. Of course, I will go for shopping!

Q: I thought winter is cold in Korea so you’d like to go somewhere warmer to escape the cold.

J: (showing a killer smile) I like cold weather. Compared to summer, I like winter. It feels more romantic in winter!

Q: If overseas fans travel to Korea, what would you recommend them for sightseeing? What kind of Korean winter cuisine they should try?

J: If going to Seoul, you should go to see the Han River. It is very beautiful but it may be colder. Perhaps you should go to Sam Cheong-dong where you can have a unique experience of the traditional and modern Korean culture at the same time. For nice gourmet, you certainly have to try traditional Korean food! There is a traditional royal dish called “Yu Huo Guo”. It is especially good to eat in winter. You have to try it if you have a chance to go.

Q: Last time when we had an interview with Jung Il Woo, we have seen your cute puppy “Ah Woo”. Do you still date with “Ah Woo” that often?

J: Haha…of course I see Ah Woo all the time and we always go out for a walk. Having fun with “Ah Woo” day by day make our relationship even closer. Sometimes she is naughty and mess up around.

Q: Besides the Taiwan FM in December, do you have other plans?

J: On return to Korea, I will continue shooting advertisements and start preparing for the FM. In addition, I will start screening and discussing for next year’s projects. Most likely it will be TV dramas whereas movie production is still under evaluation. Actually I also received many offers from the Chinese region. I certainly want to take part in it if there is any good projects.

Translated by: Snowy of @JIW_CNFansworld

Thanks to Woocynthia of @丁一宇台灣後援會JIWTW for sharing scanned copyies.

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