New generation Korean idol Jung Il Woo: Portray as Grim Reaper


In recent years, Korean Star Jung Il Woo is well-known with his Flower Boy image. Couple days ago, he made his first visit to Taiwan for promotion. In 2011, Jung’s breakout role as Scheduler in “49 Days” attracted lots of Taiwanese fans.

He turned the rigid, dark image of a Grim Reaper into a stylish modern-day flower boy. In the new drama “The Moon that embraces the Sun”, he turned himself into a faithful man who bitterly waiting for love. Jung showed his mature acting in various aspects with these remarkable characters. Nevertheless, he does not like to be a Grim Reaper. During the interview, he disclosed that his grandmother suffered a lot with terminal diseases. He wishes that there won’t be any disease in this world. “We all have to leave one day, but if I could chose, I wish I could make everyone leave in a better way.”

Jung Il Woo’s acting made the Scheduler alive in “49 Days”. Whereas in “The Moon that embraces the Sun”, he was an affectionate prince. These two dramas became Fans most favourites in Taiwan. Speaking of Taiwanese fans, he confessed that he did not aware that there are so many people like him in Taiwan at the beginning.

Jung Il Woo sacrificed most of his private life for work. He mentioned that he was not used to be recognised by others in daily life. Eventually, he has to adjust himself into such days. “I received so much love, yet I also lost my privacy and personal time.”

He started to learn the pros and cons from fame, as he became more and more famous. Work has to be his prime priority. He can’t to be himself as freely as he wishes. Despite, he has no regret for it.

In fact, he caught many audiences’ attention ever since his debut. Yet, the Grim Reaper role in “49 Days” was the vital turning point to make him well known.

“That was a very interesting challenge. It was an imaginative role, which did brother me with a headachy start when he began shooting. I did not expect it to be popular.”

Appeared in perfectly fit stylish suit and witty conversations, Jung Il Woo’s presentation as Grim Reaper was not scary at all. When we ask him what if he were the real Grim Reaper. How would he send people away in a more humane way? He paused and thought of it seriously. Honestly, he had never come across this question before. “If I have to send people away, I hope I could take those who are suffering from disease first because I wish I could ease their pain.”

Actually, Jung’s grandmother suffered a lot from terminal disease in real life. It felt like slice his heart every time when he saw her being tortured with illness. “I don’t know how to be a true Grim Reaper. Honestly, I don’t like this job. Of course, we all have to die, but at least, I hope that is not because of sickness. I also hope that there won’t be any disease in this world.”

Work first, won’t be captured by Love

Compared to his drama roles, Jung Il Woo is considered to be more passive in pursuing love. “I am a sensitive person and usually afraid of strangers. So I am very sensitive to feelings but am reluctant to take active approach.” If he has to rank priority, love will be rank prior to work. Other than his family, Love and affections will always be more important than work and wealth.

Being an artist, work occupied most of his life. He seldom has chances to interact with friends. However, he and Lee Min Ho are super good friends. They will get in touch with each other whenever they have time.

Speaking of love, Jung Il Woo has gradually changed in recent years. Now he starts learning to be more proactive rather than passive as he used to be. “I was overly cautious. I thus missed many chances. Now I’d say it loud, I’d actively pursue love with courage.” Going through a self-revision, he understands that he is not that type of person who would play tricks for love. Instead, he will devote everything for her. He will only look at the good of her and try his best to take care of her. He will even cook for her.

On the other hand, if he has to chose in between love and work, he will still chose work first. After all, life should not be confined with love only. “If the girl really want him to chose in between work and her, I don’t think she is the right person for me. It is not good to ask someone to give up what he truly likes.”

Willing to drop the rich noble image and act as a cipher

Even though worked on almost 10 idol dramas since debut, Jung Il Woo does not consider himself as a talented actor as he talked about his acting skill.

“To my understanding, acting is to experience a person’s whole life in a very short period of time.” Lee Byung Hun is his most favourite actor, an idol that he could never caught up with.

Many actors hope that audience will like all their roles. They want to have their personal style in these roles. Vice versa, Jung Il Woo believe that a good actor has to be like an anole. Each role will have completely different expression. It should not be endowed with any personal characteristics. Otherwise, it is a total lost. If he were to choose, he’d really want to act as small potato from the bottom of the society. No matter that may be a dark and miserable character, it will be the best training for him.

(Translated by snowy)

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