Jung Il Woo came to Taiwan with a good appetite


Jung Il Woo, the Korean version “Han Dai Ren”, just finished his first official Taiwan Promotion trip. His elegant gentle manner deeply impresses many Taiwanese fans. During the short 3-days promotion trip, he was closely followed by hundreds of fans, chasing him on chartered taxi or motorcycles. That is his first time learning such a typical star chase style from the Taiwan fans. He was so surprised and happy to have so much fans’ support. On the other hand, he also worried about their safety very much. He hoped that they would put safety first.

In order to promote his first exclusive fan meeting on December 8, he was under an extremely schedule during that 72-hours visit in Taiwan. Nonetheless, Jung Il Woo did not show any tiredness and was professionally punctual for work. He was very friendly and polite to all his colleagues. His expertise left all staffs with a remarkable impression. Being a gourmet lover, Jung Il Woo grasped the last night on his stay to tasted various Taiwan cuisine. He went for 3 meals in a row at 3 different restaurants. Firstly, he went to taste authentic Taiwan dishes at Xinye Restaurant. Secondly he rushed to Dazzling Café for their famous honey toast. At Last, he went for “Mitaimu”(short rice noodle) at Gao’s Mitaimu Restaurant. All were amazed at his super good appetite! Later on, Jung Il Woo also generously gave all the Taiwan colleagues a decent treat so as to show his appreciation for their hard work. How can anyone resists to love such a thoughtful person like him!

Jung Il Woo, the passionate yet childish prince, is earnestly looking forward to his first Taiwan Fan Meeting “The First Snow Promise” to be held on December 8. In addition of proposing to give every fan “high five” at the event, he even worked overnight with staffs to design on the FM program despite he had just finished a long exhausting day. His devotion truly expressed of his sincerity, as well as how he cared about Taiwan fans. For those really admiring Jung Il Woo, don’t miss this first FM on December 8 to be taken place at Neo Studio! FM ticket is priced at NTD $3000. It will be on sale through 7-Eleven ibon beginning November 3 at 11am across Taiwan. Please visit Joytime Entertainment on Facebook for further related details.

(Translated by snowy)

Source: TW OMG Yahoo news

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