Jung Il Woo love good food, taste different cuisine throughout Taipei. Promise to meet again at Year-end


Korean Flower Boy Actor Jung Il Woo finished his short visit in Taiwan and returned
to Korea on the 25th. Dressed in black with a big black hat, he appeared in airport
as if he was to attend a fashion show. He kept waving hands, shaking hands with fans, as well as collect fans’ gifts along his way. Certainly he is in a very good mood. Before departure, he post message on weibo to say goodbye, “This time, I am especially happy to meet all Taiwanese friends.^^ Remember on December 8, let’s make our ‘First Snow Promise’ come true. Oh~’He also uploaded photos taken with Xiao Chu and Sister Butterfly after TV recording. In addition, he also shared photos of bubble tea from his fan club and breakfast with fans.

The purpose of Jung’s visit is to promote his first exclusive Taipei Fan Meeting “First Snow Promise” to be help on December 8. No doubt he has shown his sincerity and friendliness with a personal visit. During his 3-days stay, he was busy filming TV program and interviews without disclosing his schedule. However, with a good taste for food, he took every chance to try many Taiwanese cuisine. On the first night, he went to try spicy dishes at Kiki Szechuan Cuisine Restaurant and then went to a famous ice desert shop “Chang Tian Tou” in Eastern District. On the second night, he went to Xin Ye Taiwanese Cuisine after a long day’s work. Afterwards, he also went for honey toast and “Me Tai Mu”(short rice noodle). At the end, he messaged on twitter that he ate too full! Obviously, one can hardly resists all these appealing Taiwan food.

Fan Meeting tickets will be open sale starting November 3 at 11:00am through
7-11 ibon. Please consult further details with Joytime Entertainment on Facebook.

(Translated by snowy@JIW_CNFansworld )

Source: Yam News

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