Jung Il Woo will invade Taiwan in December. Ideal type? “It’d be even better if she is beautiful”

The “Faithful Prince” for the new generation Jung Il Woo, who lead in popular dramas “49 Days”, “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” and “The Sun that embraces the Moon” has gathered high popularity in Taiwan. He arrived Taiwan on 23rd without prior notice to the public. He only makes a few brief interviews. He further disclosed that a Taiwan Fan meeting will be held on December 8.

On Jung’s arrival yesterday, more than 250 fans gathered to welcome him at the airport even it was on a weekday. On the press conference, he greet fluently in Chinese, “How are you? I am Jung Il Woo. I miss all of you!” This is not the first time Jung come to Taiwan. When he shot “The return of Ijiemae”, he had been to many famous places throughout Taiwan. Beautiful Hualin is the most unforgettable place for him. He wishes to go for a visit again.

So far, he has continuously cast with actress older than him, like Lee Yo Won in
“49 Days”, Lee Chung Ah in “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” and Han Ga In in “The Moon that embraces the Sun”. Jung Il Woo expressed, “No matter it is for filming or for developing a relationship, age is not an issue, as long as you have the right feeling to her.” When talked about his ideal type, he shyly said, “I hope we are the same type of person, with common interests. More importantly, for my girl, I will definitely be good to her and wholeheartedly devoted for her. Well, of course, it would be even better if she is beautiful!”

This time, Jung Il Woo comes to Taiwan without prior notice except arranged for some short interviews. He further disclosed that his first fan meeting will be held on December 8. As to what kind of performance he will prepare for the occasion, he held back on details but said he is working on it. Perhaps he will sing Chinese song but looks forward to show more performance to fans at the event. He wants to bring more surprises to Taiwan fans and make them enjoy at FM. Tickets for Jung Il Woo Fan Meeting will be open sale on Noverember 3 through ibon across Taiwan. The event will take palce at Neo Studio on December 8.

(Translated by snowy@JIW_CNFansworld )

Source: Ettoday News

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