[121024] Jung Il Woo’s 9th Message on Official Website

Hello Taipei!!!!

어제 이어서 오늘도 인터뷰와
쇼프로그램 출연 예정이에요.
따뜻하게 맞이해주신
대만 팬여러분들 너무 감사하구요.
택시와 오토바이 항상 제곁을 따라오시는게
굉장히 인상깊네요 ㅎㅎ
오늘은 ‘오락백분백’ , ‘완전오락’
이렇게 출연예정이에요.
Trendy 잡지 표지 촬영예정이구요.

12월8일 대만 단독팬미팅을 개최하기로했습니다.
“첫눈의 약속”
눈이 오지 않는 대만에서
첫눈을 기다리는 설레임처럼
여러분을 만날 기다림과 설레임을
표현한 Title로 정해봤어요.
여러분 조금만 기다려주세요. ^^
다른 나라 팬미팅도 준비중이니,
조금만 조금만 기다려 기다려 기다려.
한국도 기다려 기다려 기다려.



Good morning~~
Continued from yesterday, we have arranged interviews, filming Show TV programs for today.
I’d truly thank for Taiwan fans for their warm welcome, decent gifts and full support.
Taxi, motocycles were followed closely by my side.
This is quite an forgettable phenomenon for me…Haha..
Today’s plan is scheduled to shoot “100% Entertainment” and “Showbiz”
Besides, there will be a interview with Trendy Magazine
Other than that, we have confirmed about the Taiwan Fan Meeting to be held on December 8,
“A Date on First Snow”
In a place with no snow like Taiwan, my wish is like expecting for the first snow.
I earnestly looks forward to meeting all of you.
That is why I’ve decided with this title
Please wait for a bit longer for other places as we are making plan for it.
Only a short while…a short period of time, wait, wait,
Korea, please also wait, wait, wait….

(Translated by snowy for English translation and erduo for Chinese translation)

Source: http://www.jungilwoo.com/b/?p=1721

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