[Fan Account] Jung Il Woo in Malaysia

gotta say this is one of the event Im extremely excited about as it is my first time seeing a ~*k-actor*~ and not just any actor but one of my favourite!!!! It is no other than Jung Ilwoo!♥♥♥ He is here in Malaysia to promote the cosmetic brand hes endorsing, Holika Holika. Well,my initial plan was just to go to the event in Times Square with no ticket >,< but being the spontaneous and random person that I am (no,not really) Kak Fisha,Haida and myself were talking on twitter and we decided to go to the airport a few hours before Ilwoo was scheduled to land XD It was really a not-well-planned moment hahahaha XD Chuna and Kak Midot also joined us,and there we met other Ilwoo fans and other friends XD oh and Holika Holika’s representatives there were so friendly ♥╣[-‿-]╠♥ and shortly after that,fans were screaming because Ilwoo came out from the arrival hall and let me just say,how radiant he is,like angel-like radiant oh my goodness ;_; and the best thing was he kept on smiling and looking at the fans (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ the only thing I was not satisfied was that the Holika Holika staff gave a flower lei to him near the arrival exit,which was, well,kinda far from us and we were block by the poles in the middle of the area T___T it was short,but ahhh oh so lovely because Jung Ilwoo makes everything better (∩▂∩)

Look at him,hes an angel (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

im was not lying when i said he was smiling the whole time :3


There were quite alot of fans welcoming him at the airport,I hope he acknowledges this will come again!hehe and after that the staff of Holika Holika asked to gather for a photo and a short message video lol XD and thanks to the admin of Ilwoo_MY for giving us the zone B tickets ♡♡♡

and the next day on the 24th,Ilwoo is having a mini fansigning and autograph session for those lucky top spenders in Holika Holika. sadly I couldnt participate because i iz /poor/ I just dont have the money to spend on Holika Holika products lol We got tickets,but because we’re super short we felt that looking at him from one floor up is better XD plus its better to take photos lol Im surprised because over 3,000 fan (as i heard) were there 😀 and most of us wore purple because of Holika Holika’s color XD while waiting and suddenly there was a performance by i dont know who but they were doing Psy’s Gangnam Style… uhh….okay…I didnt know how to react to that,but okay..funny thing was the camera was at the crowd and i saw Debbie’s face like 멍~ ahahha Debbie XD and now,the man (angel) of the hour finally showed himself in a all black outfit with white collars looking so dashing. (let me just say how much i love his outfit and how perfect he looks)

hai Ilwoo :3

the best thing was fans keep calling him “yang myung kun” and “cha chisoo” and “scheduler” haha so precious! and we were like “park chisoo!lee chisoo!jung chisoo!” hahaha it was hilarious tbh XD


/throws heart/

/waves frantically/

after seeing him in real life,i must say that he kinda resembles Jung Jinwoon



오빠 여기 여기!

He was speaking some english at first but we couldnt hear him because the sound system was pretty terrible :/ but we did hear him when he said “Saya Cinta Padamu!” and fans went cray and then there was a Q&A session and one of the question was about skin care i think, on how he takes care of his skin and he answered “비밀” lol teaseeee

after that,comes the photo session with the winners and autograph session 

aww Ilwoo


Debbbbbieee hes totally checking you out :3

lol this girl taking advantage of the situation wisely harrrr

oppar be careful please lol






oppar be creepin

starbucks *_*

look at him :3

i think hes the one who suggested to go down to the fans lol and fans were swarming towards him and haha oh man the faces on the guards were priceless HAHA

brave oppar rofl

at one point he keeps looking at the poster behind him that we think hes obsessed with himself ahahaha jk and then we sang him a birthday song,although its waay past his birthday but its the thought that counts ^_^ we sang the birthday song in korean,english and malay XD and aww i think he was touched aww hes so precious he even gave a 90 degree bow to us :’) as well as flying kisses :*

aww /does saranghae pose too/

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ and then he went to Holika Holika upstairs but by the time we got there,there were so many fans already lol because of my shortness i couldnt even see him,well only a bit lol XD so,i think we all agree here that Jung Ilwoo is a sweetheart and such a lovely man. im having terrible withdrawal symptoms right now haha i hope he’ll come to Malaysia again! For more photos you can visit my buzznet

(* ̄з ̄)

Credit: http://giraffewarrior.blogspot.com/search/label/jung%20ilwoo

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