[01/08/2012] Jung Il Woo’s Twitter Update


[Trans] FBRS already started broadcast in Hokkaido & Shinzuoka, isn’t it?

“イケメンラーメン店”は何時から何時までですか??^^ 今日本語勉強中〜😘

[Trans] [Trans] FBRS starts from what time ’till what time??^^ I’m studying Japanese today~

Big Surprise Event!! You can look around and buy Jung Il Woo’s personal fashion items here.

The cherity bazaar <Share with Il Woo> will be held in the cafe ‘Andromeda Zingong’, Aug.19.

Don’t miss a chance to buy Il Woo’s fashion items or enjoy the event <Share Love>.

나누기 with 일우 행사 관련 공지는 http://www.jungilwoo.com  에 있습니다!!!!

[Trans] Notice regarding the “Share with Il Woo” event is in http://www.jungilwoo.com

me???kkk Ain’t I too expensive? 😱 “@_xandie: @ActorJungilwoo can i buy you instead?”

No rental service provided 😝 “@hongstarpat: @ActorJungilwoo so can I rent you? :D”

Jungilwoo is not for sales or refunded in cash. I belong to everyone!!!! i’m yours ❤❤❤ “@TatiMinoz: @ActorJungilwoo How much?? :D”

오늘 너무 폭트해버렸네. 스톱~~ ㅂ2

[Trans] Too many tweeted today. Stop~~ Bye bye

(translated by @JIW_CNFansworld )

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