Jung Il Woo’s Interview with Sina.com.cn

Interviewing Jung Il Woo: Likes Leslie Cheung songs, and occasionally drinks with Lee Min Ho

Recently, Korean new generation star Jung Il Woo was invited to China to take part in the Hunan variety show <Up Go>, and today (9th May), he had a chat with Sina about his life and work. Jung Il Woo became popular acting in <Unstoppable High Kick> as the handsome rebel Lee Yun Ho, and audiences have gotten more familiar with him through recent shows like <49 Days> and <Flower Boy Ramyun Shop>. But it was in the recent hot favourite <The Moon That Embraces The Sun>, that Jung Il Woo’s turn as the sacrificial Yang Myeong attracted much attention from viewers. Jung Il Woo said that it was <Moon Embraces Sun> that gave him confidence, and taught him how to act, and he hopes that he could work with Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro in the future. In his own private life, he shared that he would drink and chat with good friends Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho. He is also a typical Virgo sign, and loves to hum to himself, and really likes Leslie Cheung’s rendition of <The Moon Represents My Heart>.

<Moon Embraces Sun>: Gave me the confidence to be more calm than before

Jung Il Woo’s role as Yang Myeong, who was entangled in love, in the popular <The Moon That Embraces The Sun>, brought many Chinese viewers to tears. But in reality, Jung Il Woo is hardly like that. Jung Il Woo said that the challenge for him was frequently facing such low moods and moments while filming. Because he became popular through the sitcom <Unstoppable High Kick>, Chinese fans remember this long-legged flower boy, but while<Moon Embraces Sun> has made him popular with viewers once again, he feels more relaxed, and would occasionally reminince about ‘Lee Yun Ho’.<Moon Embraces Sun> allowed him to gain more confidence in his acting skills, and taught him how to act better. Take what Jung Il Woo himself wrote in a Weibo post: ‘The speaker has no intention, but the listener has heart.’ Some netizens say this is because his acting was questioned back in Korea, and while he has not directly addressed this issue, he has used this line to remind himself to be more careful when speaking in the future, and to share his thoughts with the fans.

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Wants to act alongside Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro

In Jung Il Woo’s filmography, shows like <My Fair Lady>, <49 Days>, <FBRS>, <Moon Embraces Sun>, are all romance stories, and there are hardly any action shows in his repertoire. But in the MV <Goodbye Sadness>, there was an action scene, and to him, that was his favourite work, and he was not afraid of getting hurt. He also really wants to work with big stars in China, like Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro. An unfortunate thing is that Jung Il Woo has not been able to meet with his favourite Chinese actress, Tang Wei. He has no plans to film a Chinese show at present.

Actually, Jung Il Woo is somewhat familiar with China, as he has come to the country numerous times when he was younger. He used to like listening to Teresa Teng songs, and he even divulged today that he likes Leslie Cheung’s rendition of <The Moon Represents My Heart>, and likes to hum the tune to himself. Jung Il Woo also enjoys Chinese fare, and likes spicy Sichuan food.

Occasionally drinks with Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum

Since joining Weibo, Jung Il Woo has been activity engaging lots of fans on the microblogging site, with each post being reblogged at least 5,000 times. This also lets him see his own popularity for himself. He expresses his gratitude towards his fans: “Even though the languages are different, we are still able to resonate with each other, and this makes me happy.” During the interview, he would even stand by the window to wave to fans, and would get excited when he heard the fans’ screams from below. Jung Il Woo affirmed that he would work hard to repay his fans. In his Weibo pictures, he is usually seen posing cutely with the victory sign, yet his Weibo posts displays his mature side, and he feels that though he has ‘two sides’, with a cute image and mature image, he prefers his mature image more.

When Jung Il Woo brings up that Virgo men are hardworking and innocent, and when there are some imperfections, he jokingly declares that he is a typical Virgo, and these characteristics suit him perfectly. Jung Il Woo has quite a few good friends in his circle, like fellow popular Korean stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. He reveals that when they meet regularly, they would occasionally drink, talk about happier topics and avoid discussing work. Even though in <High Kick> he was someone who really liked living dangerously and riding bikes, but in reality, he feels that it’s too dangerous to ride a bike, but since he learnt how to ride for work, he’s pretty good at it.

Source: ent.sina.com.cn

(translated by  fyeahilwoo@tumblr)

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