Jung Il Woo and Monday Kidz attended the 4th Japan-Korea Friendship Feasta’s Press Conference

Date: April 12, 2012
Japan-Korea Friendship Feasta is held in April every year. The event is aimed to improve the mutual relationship between the two nations and to promote related charity schemes. Top celebrities who are active in charity events from the 2 nations are being invited as special guests. This year, Jungilwoo, starred in the viewership record breaker “The Sun that embraces the Moon”, and vocal band Monday Kidz, who lead in many famous K-drama OST, were both invited to join the Feasta. The show was served as a fund-raising event for the GFSC (Good Friends Save Children) Nepal Library Plan. The current plan was to obtain funding to build libraries in rural areas of Nepal, where lack of educational facilities. In order to enhance friendship between the 2 nations, Jungilwoo would board on a special charter train heading to Komago the next day. Prior to the Feasta Show, Jungilwoo and Monday Kidz both attended the formal Press Conference right at the venue.

<Jungilwoo Interview>

Q: How many time have you been to Japan?

J: So many times already, about 20 times for work and pleasure

Q: It is spring cherry blossom season. Have you seen the cherries yet?

J: Only took a glance when we passed by. I stayed in hotel most of the time to prepare for the FM event. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to go out for a good look

J: 2 months ago, I came to meet my fans in the “49 Days” promotion FM. I am so happy and excited that I can meet them again this time. It is my honour to take part in such a meaningful event.

Q: Starred in historical drama “The Sun that embraces the Moon” after such a long time and it received record high viewership, how do you feel?

J: I am grateful to be part of “The Sun that embraces the Moon”. It is a very good drama. I should thank the director and my colleagues for all their guidance and help. I didn’t expect to receive such a high viewship so was quite surprised with that result. I am really appreciated for everyone’s love and support for this work.

Q: How are you going to spend today and tomorrow with your fans?

J: I planned to ride on the special charter with fans for a short trip. I hope I can spend some happy time with my fans together.

Q: You have taken so many roles already. Is there any one that best resemble you among them?

J: All of them have some parts resembles me. They were all about love. It is hard to identify as an individual role. All characters have a part of me in it.

Q: Does your prior experience from “The return of Ijimae” have any positive input to this historical drama?

J: There were many familiar scenes and setting like those in “Ijimae”. Even though this is my second time working on historical drama, it was not that simple at all. Indeed, historical drama has its difficult parts. I just tried my best and strive to make it perfect.

Q: Do you want to say something to your Japanese fans?

J: I seldom have chances to meet you because of my tight filming schedule. I am glad to join this meaningful event and get to see you all. I hope we will enjoy a blessed pleasant time together. Hopefully we will have more opportunities to see each other later on as I look forward to meet more Japanese fans.

Source: http://www.asiaent-life

Translated by JungilwooChinaFansworld

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