Jung Il Woo joined the 4th Japan-Korea Friendship Feasta Donated his precious collection for charity

The 4th Japan-Korea Friendship Feasta was unfolded on April 8, 2012 at Shibuya, Tokyo. This romantic event with Korea historical drama as its theme was organized

the NPO Japan-Korea Culture Exchange Association.

The Feasta event is being carried out every year in April and this year is its

forth round. Famous actors and actresses from popular Korea historical dramas

were invited to the event every year since 2008. This year, Jung Il Woo, the new

hit from the fresh generation, is invited to be their most honourable guest. Jungilwoo, starring in popular dramas like, “The Unstoppable High-Kick”,

“The Return of Ijimea”, “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and the recent viewership record breaker, “The Sun that embraces the Moon”, associated with vocal band

Monday Kidz and Baladin Chamber Orchestra to perform on the event.

Prior to the event, Ilwoo and Monday Kidz both attended the Press Conference.

Monday Kidz was grateful to meet their fans on their concerts and FM. It is their honour to take part in such a meaningful event. Being Korean singers, they hope

to put their effort in promoting cultural exchange between the two nations.

Jungilwoo appeared on stage under flashes of spotlight, dressed up in black dressy pants and bright-red jacket. He greet everyone in Japanese, “Hi everyone, how are you? I am Jungilwoo.” During the event, he mentioned that he had been to Japan for work and fun for almost 20 times. This time, it happened to be the cheery blossom season. Unfortunately, he had to stay in hotel all the time to prepare the FM and miss the chance for a good look. He only managed to peek through the window when

they drove by.

When asked how he felt right before the event, he described as “so happy and very excited.” Two months ago, he just met his fans in the “49 Days” promotion. Yet,

he was more than happy to have another chance to see them again. It is his most honour to participate in JKFF. Moreover, he expected to spend a nice memorable journey with fans on the special charter ride the very next day.

On the other hand, he was glad to be part of the high viewer rating drama,

“The Sun that embraces the Moon”. He was so appreciated to the director and

co-stars who helped him a lot. Nevertheless, he was a bit surprised with the high viewing rate and would like to thank all for their love and support. Although this

is his second time acting in historical drama, it was not easy at all. Every best work requires one’s full devotion to make it perfect.

Many commented that the role was a close resemblance to me. In my viewpoint,

every work has some resemblance to me, as I did input part of myself in it.

Just like love, it was one as a whole.

Afterwards, he spoke to J-fans, “I did not have much chance to meet all of you

in the past, but this time, through this meaningful event, I wish to meet more fans. I hope we can spend some quality happy time together.”

The event commenced after the Press Con. Monday Kidz and Baladin Orchestra took

the lead in presenting a series of famous drama theme songs. Followed by Jungilwoo, who stepped on stage under a burst of applause. He sang 2 songs, “Someone like you” from FBRS and “Scarecrow” from the “49 Days”.

During the interview, he was asked about his high-school student role in FBRS.

He expressed that his high-school days was 6 years ago. He said he did not feel

it as a burden as the role was not a beard image. He even teased, “Did I fit in

that uniform well?” His question drew another applause. When his nuked swimming

suit picture was displayed on screen, he stated that it only took him one week to body trained for that figure. His answer resulted another exclamation.

Talked about Yang Myung, a role that sacrifice for his brother and beloved lady, in “The Sun that embraces the Moon”, many were being moved once again with the displaying photos. He expressed that he and Kim Soon Yun have a close relationship. They were of the same age when they starred in “The Unstoppable High-Kick”. Perhaps, he may travel with Kim and Hwoon, to Japan one day. His suggestion immediately received a strong response from the audience.

Lastly, Ilwoo donated his private collection for charity auction. The bid winner got a chance to have a photo with him. At the end of the event, he had a group picture from the stage with all the participants. The event finally concluded with a big success with“High-touch” as the prime highlight to farewell everyone. Next day, he boarded the special charter heading to Komago Shrine. He greeted everyone on board with “High-touch” one more time. This spring union left all Ilwoo fans and Jung with such a precious memorable day in their lives!

Source: Innolife (Japan)

Credit: JIW-China-Fansworld (English)

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