Jung Il Woo will be Flying Around the World

Jung Il Woo is going the way of the busy hallyu stars.

After wrapping up the MBC drama The Sun and the Moon, Jung Il Woo flew to New York on March 19. He plans to stay in the city for two weeks for a photo shoot and meet his local fans.

After New York, Jung Il Woo will be headed to Tokyo, Japan. TvN’s Cool Guys, Hot Ramen has been introduced to the Japanese small screen through Mnet Japan, and as 49 Days and The Sun and the Moon are also gathering much popularity in the country, Jung Il Woo will be holding interviews and get through other schedules for the dramas with local media.
He will continue to meet his overseas fans in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand starting from April, as many of his dramas are sweeping across Asia on the Korean wave.

In a recent interview with enews, Jung Il Woo said, “When I visited Tokyo to promote 49 Days in Japan last month, I saw that many were interested in The Sun and the Moon. The press was interested in my role and what kind of drama it was even though it hadn’t been exported overseas yet.”

Jung Il Woo is also known to be popular not only in Asia, but in other parts of the world such as Romania, Brazil and Argentina. For the press conference of Cool Guys, Hot Ramen, five of his global fanclubs sent in rice wreaths which added up to 460kg of rice, and his fanclub from Romania made issues for its witty wreath message reading, ‘Romania gives a shout. The actor tvN’s been waiting for, it’s me, Cha~’.

A rep from Jung Il Woo’s agency said, “As much as Il Woo is loved overseas for his many pieces, he’s getting more chances to personally greet his fans. Il Woo is also already looking forward to meeting his overseas fans close up.”

Credit: enewsworld

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One thought on “Jung Il Woo will be Flying Around the World

  1. Reblogged this on Papink's zone and commented:
    “I hope Jung Il Woo will continue to Meet his overseas fans in Indonesia, and I will watch face to face like Hyun Bin and David Archuleta.” Amin Ya Allah…

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