The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Title: 해를 품은 달 / The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Chinese Title: 月亮怀抱太阳

Also known as: The Sun and The Moon / The Moon Embracing the Sun

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Period

Episodes: 20

Broadcast Network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-Mar-08

Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Official Site:…moon/index.html

Writer: 진수완 Jin Soo Wan

Director: 김도훈 Kim Do Hoon

Adapted Book:해를 품은 달 by 정은궐 / The moon that embraces the sun by Jeong Eun Kwon

Main Cast: Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo, Yoon Seung Ah, Nam Bora, Kim Min Seo, Song Jae Hee, Song Jae Rim

Supporting Cast : Yang Mi Kyung, Ahn Nae Sang, Jeon Mi Seon, Jang Young Nam, Kim Young Ae, Kim Seon Kyung,
Jeong Eun Pyo, Kang Shil Il, Sul Ji Yun, Kim Eung Soo, Lee Seung Hyung, Kim Seung Wook, Kim Ik Tae, Hong Kyung Yeon, Jo Won Hee, Lee Young Shil, Jang Hee Soo, Kim Hye Sun, Hong Jeong Min, Lee Young Seok, Kim Min Kyung, Chu Gwi Jung, Yoon Hee Seok

Special appearance: Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Min Ho, Yeo Jin Guk, Jin Ji Hee, Kim So Hyun, Shi Wan (Z:EA), Seo Ji Hee, Jo Min Ah


Yeon Woo who was betrothed to the crown prince, Lee Hwon was plotted against and believed to be killed by the people who are both jealous and fearful of her beauty and wits when she was just a young girl. Having being saved by a female Shaman after her killers deemed her to be dead, she grew up to become a shaman just like her adopted mother under the name of Wol. She encounters the adult “Lee Hwon” who grew up to be a cruel, cold and uncaring person after the pain of losing his most beloved Yeon Woo. As Lee Hwon began to returned back to his orginal kind nature due to his love for Wol whom attracted him with her similarities with Yeon Woo, the truth behind the plotting of Yeon Woo’s death comes to light and he finds himself again in a difficult position as he finds out his mother and sister being involved in it.


Wol / Heo Yeon Woo (Han Ga In) [Child : Kim Yoo Jung]
She was saved by a female shaman when she was young when she was plotted to be killed by the people who are both jealous and fearful of her beauty and wits when she was just a young girl. Having grown up to be a female shaman under the name of Wol (Moon), she re-encounters Lee Hyon whom she was once betrothed to. Upon noticing the many similiarities between Wol and Yeon Woo, Lee Hyon begins to fall for her. Lee Hyon’s half older brother, Yang Myung Gun who gets attracted to her kind nature begins to fall for her as well. Will she be able to survive when the suspicions are once are aroused that the supposely dead Yeon Woo is still alive?

Lee Hyon (Kim Soo Hyun) [Child : Yeo Jin Goo]
Lee Hyon became a changed person after the killing of his betrothed, Yeon Woo. Not longer is he the kind-hearted boy that everyone in the palace/court used to like but a cold, hearted person who refused to love nor accept love no matter how hard Yoon Bo Gyung, the girl who had replaced Woo as his wife tries to win his heart. But his heart began to start beating again after his encounter with Wol who has lots of many similiarities with the already dead Yeon Woo.

Prince Yang Myung / Yang Myung Goon (Jung Il Woo) [Child : Lee Min Ho]
His given title is Prince Yang Myung / Yang Myung Goon. He and Lee Hyon are half-brothers who have the same mother but different father. Due to Lee Hyon’s father being the king, the position of the crown prince was passed down to Lee Hyon although he is older in age, talented and more well mannered than Lee Hyon. And most likely because he is the elder brother, he is always trying to give in / not fight with his brother for anything. He projects an image of a playboy especially after the death of his first wife. But then with the appearance of Wol, he finds himself fighting for something he wants against his brother for the first time.

Yoon Bo Kyung / Queen Yoon (Kim Min Seo) [Child : Kim So Hyun]
She became the first official wife of Lee Hwon after the death of Yeon Woo but received none of his love as a woman.
Although she appears to be a kind and warm person, she hides her real face under the mask of lies and pretending to be nice.

Princess Min Hwa (Nam Bora) [Child : Jin Ji Hee]
Due to a childish streak of jealous towards Yeon Woo when they were young, Min Hwa unwittingly becomes involved in the plot to kill Yeon Woo. She has been carrying the guilty conscience ever since she knew that Yeon Woo was killed because of her childish act and hopes to make amends towards her family especially after marrying Yeom, Yeon Woo’s brother whom she loved with all her heart but he doesn’t even think of her as a woman to love after their marriage.

Heo Yeom (Song Jae Hee) [Child : Si Wan]
He is the elder brother of Yeon Woo who adores his sister dearly. Although he is marries Princess Min Hwa through an arranged marriage, his heart remains with “Sul” the serving maid of Yeon Woo whom he had grown up with, causing Min Hwa’s hatred of him of not thinking of her as a woman.

Seol (Yoon Seung Ah)
She was the maid serving Yeon Woo before her supposed death and had grown up with both Yeom and Yeon Woo since they were young. She followed and served Wol who lost her memories, protecting her with the martial arts she learnt from the enemies who are out to harm her.

Woon (Song Jae Rim) [Child : Lee Won Geun]
He is the loyal bodyguard of Lee Hwon who is cold on the outside but warm within. Although he is blessed with good looks, brains and fighting skills, he is faulted as being born as the son of a concubine which gives him a lowly status although he is the son of a nobleman.

Supporting Cast

Posted Image

Heo Young Jae, Yeom and Yeon’s father (SunWoo Jae Duk)

Posted Image

Shin Ssi, Yeon Woo and Yeom’s birth mother (Yang Mi Kyung)

Posted Image

Great King Seong Jo, Lee Hwon’s father (Ahn Nae Sang)

Posted Image

Grand empress Yoon,Lee Hwon’s grandmother (Kim Young Ae)

Posted Image

Nation’s shaman, Jang Ssi / Wol’s adoptive mother (Jeon Mi Seon)

Posted Image

Court officer, Hong Gyu Tae (Yoon Hee Seok)

Cast Map


– Based on the novel 해를 품은 달 (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) by Jung Eun Gwol (first published December 29, 2005), who is also the author of the novel that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was based on.
– Actor Joo Won was originally cast as Prince Yang Myung, but dropped out of the show due to Ojakgyo Brothers being extended. Actor Jung Il Woo has been replaced for this role.
– Actor Kim Jeong Hoon scheduled to play Heo Yeom but dropped out the series prior to filming due to his album being released early 2012 in Japan. Song Jae Hee has been replaced for this role.

Source: mbc

Credit: soompi

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