Jung Il Woo Uses Hand Warmers to Protect His Skin

Actor Jung Il Woo, who currently appears on tvN’s Monday-Tuesday series Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, has started using hand warmers during cold weather shots for the series.

The series has retained its first place audience ratings among other cable TV series airing at the same time. Since the weather is getting colder, Jung has made hand warmers his new best friend on the set.

In the picture, which was taken on the set and released on November 21, Jung is putting hand warmers on both sides of his cheeks. Even though he plays a rich man on the series, cold weather affects all people like an uninvited guest.

The production crew says, “Since he is playing the role of a high school student, he has to shoot in a school uniform most of the time. Even though it is very cold, he concentrates and just focuses on shooting the series. He even wore a pair of pajamas in the Gangwon-do area, an area for well known for cold temperatures, and shot the scenes without any problems.”

People responded: “Since the weather got colder, it might be hard to shoot the series. Fighting!” “The secret of Jung’s skin is a hand warmer?” “I have to send him a box of hand warmers.”

The series has become more interesting, thanks to Jung, Lee Chung Ah, and Lee Ki Woo’s love triangle.

Source: Star Daily News

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